Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sickness and 6th Sense

(Originally posted here on Todays Survival Show Forums... but I thought I would put this here!)

I got a bit of a story to tell you guys.

Last week* for some odd reason, I was making my usual run to the grocery store, and I was going to add in a few stock up items. When I was there, I suddenly got this huge urge to add a lot of extra chicken soup and cheese ravioli. Was odd was, yes I do stock up on chicken soup, but not the ravioli so much, and I bought a rather large amount, which is not usual, and ravioli I almost never stock. That is mostly because 1. I dont like pre-made canned meals all that often, and 2. the kind I like is expensive so it is a luxury item. Just for some reason, which I will explain in a bit, I HAD TO stock up on it.

And I am glad I did.

A few days later, I was sick as a dog. The grocery store trip was on monday last week. By wednesday afternoon, I got a "little scratchy throat" and by that night I had "painful mucousy throat". The next day it was still pretty bad, going to my sinuses, home remedies did not work, and I went to the doctor. Doc says "I am treating you for throat and sinus infection. Your on antibiotics for a while, and on bed rest." I was out of commission for nearly five days as this infection went from throat to sinuses to lungs. But the infection was not that bad, what made things a bit more miserable was the drugs. Some of the side effects really beat me up. What was funny was I found out that some of the things to eat to make the side effects more bearable were what I listed above. I had to be eating something that would be good for a sick tummy and something with cheese for meals. Who'd have thought that chicken soup and cheese ravioli were a few of the things that would be good for my stomach as well as easy to make for dinners? The next 4 days I was eating peanut butter, crackers, chicken soup, cheese, cheese ravioli, Ensure, and gatorade. LOTS of all that and every bit I had stocked up extra on, all from my food storage. Since then I have changed my list around and am looking for other ways to stock up on stuff like cheese and yogurt so it lasts longer.

But yeah, I would have been in a bit of a bind if I did not follow that "sense". Have you guys ever gotten that weird feeling like "I have to do this (some action here) right now for some unexplainable reason", you know the sort of 6th sense gut feeling about something? Personally when I get something like that I am learning to listen to it. Do you guys do that?

(*This was a few weeks ago.)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Prepping: Seasonal Rotation and Spring Cleaning!

Hey guys!

I am just letting you know that I am still around. Right now I have been doing a little cave spring cleaning, and donating some old bones that I don't need anymore. Books are being donated, old clothes that are too worn out are going to the trash, or rag bin. Food being rotated. Rotating and donating should be a part of prepping too! That is the difference between being a prepper and a hoarder. Move and rotate. The Rule for Rotating non prep stuff: If you have not touched it, used it, or worn it in over a year, then you are not going to miss it. Looking for cash? Sell what you do not use! It is a good way to make a bit of extra bank for your pack... I mean family. Any little bit helps to keep order in your life.