Saturday, June 25, 2011

Things I have learned from todays outing.

I went out again today, and I learned a few things that I should note not only for myself but for the rest of you. Maybe you guys could learn from this too.

Stuff I Learned:

1. Bikes are good!

Instead of taking my car for a minor shopping trip, I took my bike and my backpack. If I would have taken my car, and it would have cost me gas. Plus, you would have the added advantage, if you have a mountain bike, to go anywhere you want, even if there is no road. Heck even regular bikes would work then too. They are very low maintenance, and the only fuel that they take is a tiny bit of oil, some grease, and a good working human body. Plus it is FREE exercise! No gym fees!

2. Bikes can be dirty!

Bikes should be washed, and mine needs it bad. Oh and a pair of leather gloves would also work. Maybe a bike kit would help too.

3. Calculators Help.

I have an Ipod Touch. Normally I would not really go for the expensive 'toys' but I find it is very useful. It has a ton of options that I like on it, but the one that I use the most... Other than the mp3 player part of it, is the calculator. I use it to tabulate how much my grocery bill will be before the sales tax. For those who cannot afford a Touch, use a calculator. Many cheap ones work well. Plus there are other good survival applications, podcasts and e-books that you can fill it up with.

4. Watch Your Purchase Prices!

Yes, when you ring stuff up, watch the amounts and the price on the register. Today I was at the store and spotted some tuna on clearance for .69 cents. This was not marked in the store circular but I spotted it and picked it up. Well when it rang up at the register it rang up as .99. I mentioned this to the cashier, she did a price check, saw I was right and fixed it. I saved .60 cents. It is good to have a sharp eye for things like that and the cashier was gracious about it. For me, every penny counts!

Maybe you guys could find this information useful. Oh and if you take a bike anywhere, bring a canteen of water. Rushing wind makes you thirsty!

That is all.

RW ^..^___)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Out and About

Yesterday was the type of day that was made for enjoying the simplicity of riding a bicycle. It was warm, but not hot with a nice breeze. To me that is what prepping is about. Simplicity. I spent most of the afternoon on my bike and out enjoying the day.

Made a few rounds to some stores and a thrift shop. I like stopping there because of the different assortment of things ranging from clothes and book to cosmetics and kitchenware. I picked up a nice stoneware pampered chef bread loaf pan with the cookbook for $5! SCORE! There is also a little free 'food shelf' in the offices, which I picked up some boxes of tea and some day old bread. Then went to a dollar store and picked up 2 cans veggies and some spoons. After that I got a few Chinese egg rolls and a soda for lunch, which I ate sitting outside on the grass near my bike.

Meh, maybe I am just rambling a bit. Maybe this is not much about prepping... But it was a good day yesterday.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Update love... WOOF!

Hey guys,

I am just writing to let you know that this wolf girl is not dead. I am still going. Been going out and doing some things that are mostly fun, but taking up my time. I assure you, I am still doing a bit of prepping, but I just had to take a break for a while on working on my blog. Don't worry, I will have some stuff up in a few days. I would like to show you a few projects that I did on the day that my computer went on the fritz. It is amazing what a She Wolf's mind does when it is bored as hell and I will talk about a few other things. Oh and just a little teaser preview of what might come up.... Fun with orange buckets. Use your imagination on that.

RW ^..^___)