Saturday, March 28, 2015

Updates, Soap Lady, and Gluten Free Emergency Kits

Updates and Stuff.

I am bad at this! First off, I want to apologize about the lack of updates on my blog. The past 8 months have been a whirlwind of busy-ness that turned my personal life in ways I did not expect. However I am making this year a time of personal responsibility and accountability and that means being accountable for past promises that were not delivered.

This time last year, I promised a few folks that I would do some product reviews on my blog that I never got around to doing. I am going to rectify that now.

First I want to graciously thank The Soap Nut Lady and the fine folks over at for giving me samples of their products to try. Both things I have received while I was at the Survival Preppers Expo last year.

Meals photo aa10f26a-4000-43f7-9338-4e7f5c190650_zpsqmyhazqo.jpg

First off I would like to start this review with the products from Gluten Free Emergency Kits. The three packages that you see in the picture all nicely airtight sealed in mylar pouches. I got the Lasagna Meal, Cheeseburger Meal and Impossible Cocoanut Pie. Out of the three, I tried the Cheeseburger Meal and the Lasagna Meal. Mind you, I am writing this review a year later, but I can remember that I particularly liked the Lasagna Meal. It was pretty easy to make and the instructions were clear on how to make it. It was basically a one pot meal and tasted like lasagna. The Cheeseburger Meal, I found to be ok, if not just a touch bland, though with the taste of cheese. At the time I did not add any other spices, I just went by the instructions. The Cocoanut pie… well I squirreled that way as an extra treat in my storage preps. I still have it to this day. All these meals are all dry ingredients, and you just add water, from what I remember. Also, if you are allergic to gluten, this place is a good one to go to.

The second item that I was given to try was a bag of nuts! Soap nuts from The Soap Nut Lady to be exact. If you have not heard of soap nuts, they are small round nuts that look like walnuts, but they saponify water, giving a nice soapy feel slick feel. From what I remember they gave off a slight nutty / piney sent. I will admit, I did make a mistake with the product. I had never used soap nuts before so this was new to me. What I did was I put the soap nuts into the little bag that came with and let them soak in my huge bucket that I use for laundry for a while. (Like 15 minutes.) and then used them for my wash. Even with that short of soaking time, the water got a little slick and it kind of worked. From what I understand, you have to soak the nuts in water for several hours to get the full effect. Just doing a short soak in a huge bucket of water was my own mistake. As a cleansing material, I would have to honestly experiment more with it, if I got some more. I was also given a packet of ground up soap nuts to put in a spray bottle, but I had not used that. I think I still have it though.

I just thought that I would still get these reviews up, and rectify this. Both products I feel were pretty good, and the companies that gave these products to me were very nice to talk with when I first met them. Again, thank you! Hopefully my dear loyal readers, I might be able to add some more experiences to my blog in the coming months. I again do apologize for the delay.