Thursday, September 06, 2012

Prepping Vacation, Summer Reflections

Prepping Vacation, Summer Reflections

Hey guys.

Wow, it has been a little over 3 months since my last post!? Wow. Sorry it has been so long. I ended up taking a couple of months off to have a bit of prepping vacation. Not that I ever really stopped picking up good information for prepping. I just needed a break for a while. It is easy to burn out from doing this all the time. This summer I decided to hold things off for a while instead of going over board. I know that sounds a little "grasshopper-ish" but I have been working on this for the past few years.

What have I been doing the last few months you ask? Well I had a nice little vacation with my pack... I mean family this summer. Can't pass up a family trip for a week of fun. Hell this summer has been great. And I still got to use some of my prep skills even while I was on break. I finally got to put my wineskin bota bag to use when my family and I went for bike rides during this hot summer. Also I did not pass up the chance to visit a native american museum and store to see what goodies they had. I actually ended up in front of their book rack spending 5 minutes copying down the titles of some really good instructional books. What they had covered leather making, cooking, medicinal plants, and native ritual ceremonies. I even ended up buying a cookbook later when I got home for cheaper than what they had it for. At the end of this article I will have a list of the book names I wrote for you guys to check out. Some of those books, If I get them I will review. This has kind of started me down the path of looking into the old ways of how things where done. I ended up finding old and new documentaries and some "reality shows" of doing things from times past. So far I am loving shows like 1940s House, If Walls Could Talk: A History of the Home, Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm, and Frontier House. The best thing is most of these shows are on DVD or in book format. I personally believe that the old ways of doing things should not be forgotten, and should be practiced when possible.

I also went to the state fair too. It gave me a chance to speak with master gardeners and I found out that there are gardening classes in my county. I got some great square foot gardening ideas for my balcony. I got to check out new camping gear and I am thinking of getting a Duluth pack for my Vehicle Kit. I also gave out information to folks on prepping too. It was great talking with some of the vendors. Oh and I nommed some tasty fair food. Deep fried apple pie with cinnamon ice cream? TO DIE FOR!

Also, this was the summer of facing my fears. For the first time I drove long distance... alone over 200 miles round trip. That I felt it still was a big deal for me, though it was the second time I have done a trip like that. The first time I drove it was quite a bit longer.

I also do not like being around crowds, but I chose to go to the state fair. I also never really took the transit system by myself before, again, with the state fair I learned to use the park and ride system. I also used my map skills when I was at the fair and learning to locate places that I wanted to go. I don't like traveling to the big city. The big city was where the state fair was. In years past, I went with my family, this time I chose to go alone and it was still fun. I just kept my eyes open, my wits about me, and wrote the more important information down (like the transit bus number and pick up location).

Hows about that for an update?

Prepping is serious business, but it should also be fun and allow you to have fun. I know it did for me.


List of Books I Found:

A handbook of Native American Healing

The Book of Buckskinning Series

Secrets of Native American  Herbal Remedies

Encyclopedia of Native American Healing

Cherokee Plants Their Uses a 400 Year History

Frontier Chuckwagon Cooking

Ma's Cookin Mountain Recipes
Hillbilly Cookin'

American Indian Cooking and Herblore

The Native American Sweatlodge

Stories and Recipes of the Great Depression by Janet van Amber Paske

Monday, June 04, 2012

Canning Supply SALE!

Just a notice to you guys, if you have a Roundy's or Rainbow near you, they have a sale on Ball canning jars and lids, buy 2 get 1 free. I might get in on that deal.

Sorry for no articles as of late, I have been busy these few days. I will get something up this week!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sickness and 6th Sense

(Originally posted here on Todays Survival Show Forums... but I thought I would put this here!)

I got a bit of a story to tell you guys.

Last week* for some odd reason, I was making my usual run to the grocery store, and I was going to add in a few stock up items. When I was there, I suddenly got this huge urge to add a lot of extra chicken soup and cheese ravioli. Was odd was, yes I do stock up on chicken soup, but not the ravioli so much, and I bought a rather large amount, which is not usual, and ravioli I almost never stock. That is mostly because 1. I dont like pre-made canned meals all that often, and 2. the kind I like is expensive so it is a luxury item. Just for some reason, which I will explain in a bit, I HAD TO stock up on it.

And I am glad I did.

A few days later, I was sick as a dog. The grocery store trip was on monday last week. By wednesday afternoon, I got a "little scratchy throat" and by that night I had "painful mucousy throat". The next day it was still pretty bad, going to my sinuses, home remedies did not work, and I went to the doctor. Doc says "I am treating you for throat and sinus infection. Your on antibiotics for a while, and on bed rest." I was out of commission for nearly five days as this infection went from throat to sinuses to lungs. But the infection was not that bad, what made things a bit more miserable was the drugs. Some of the side effects really beat me up. What was funny was I found out that some of the things to eat to make the side effects more bearable were what I listed above. I had to be eating something that would be good for a sick tummy and something with cheese for meals. Who'd have thought that chicken soup and cheese ravioli were a few of the things that would be good for my stomach as well as easy to make for dinners? The next 4 days I was eating peanut butter, crackers, chicken soup, cheese, cheese ravioli, Ensure, and gatorade. LOTS of all that and every bit I had stocked up extra on, all from my food storage. Since then I have changed my list around and am looking for other ways to stock up on stuff like cheese and yogurt so it lasts longer.

But yeah, I would have been in a bit of a bind if I did not follow that "sense". Have you guys ever gotten that weird feeling like "I have to do this (some action here) right now for some unexplainable reason", you know the sort of 6th sense gut feeling about something? Personally when I get something like that I am learning to listen to it. Do you guys do that?

(*This was a few weeks ago.)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Prepping: Seasonal Rotation and Spring Cleaning!

Hey guys!

I am just letting you know that I am still around. Right now I have been doing a little cave spring cleaning, and donating some old bones that I don't need anymore. Books are being donated, old clothes that are too worn out are going to the trash, or rag bin. Food being rotated. Rotating and donating should be a part of prepping too! That is the difference between being a prepper and a hoarder. Move and rotate. The Rule for Rotating non prep stuff: If you have not touched it, used it, or worn it in over a year, then you are not going to miss it. Looking for cash? Sell what you do not use! It is a good way to make a bit of extra bank for your pack... I mean family. Any little bit helps to keep order in your life.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Survival Media: Real Day Preppers

Hey guys,

 I just wanted to let you guys know about this webisode show called Real Day Preppers. It is a unlike Doomsday Preppers, this show is no spin, and shows that us Preppers are NORMAL PEOPLE! I so far am loving the hell out of this project. This show is fully produced by lowbuckprepper. Also as an aside, check out his youtube channel too, he has some good tutorials too! So far his show has 2 webisodes up and both are pretty good. Check them out!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some of my favorite prepping items that I use.

Hey guys, I just wanted to write a quick article on some of the prepping items that I absolutely love an I use them quite often, even almost daily!

The List:

Hiking Backpack: I picked it up cheap at a garage sale for $3, and I use it every time I go out. It is good for shopping, and carrying most items. If I am gone longer than 4 hours I will put a meal in there for when I am out and about and it can carry a ton.

4 Wheeled Cart: It is the one that I mentioned in my article Survival Gear: Carts! I use it for hauling groceries, garbage and laundry. Dead useful at the grocery store when you want your own cart and it folds down flat for storage.

Bread maker: ... for making... bread. Yeah I know I am a lazy ass, but I like my fresh bread. You can find them all the time at Goodwill for almost nothing.

Pocket Knife: I have a Leatherman Wave. The blades are demon sharp, and it works well for when I have needed it. I used it last week to cut a bread roll for my sandwich at lunch time.

Canteen with cup: Have used it numerous times when I wanted a drink when I am out doing stuff. Nice to carry on the side of my backpack.

Keychain Hand Sanitizer: I have a nice refillable one on my keychain.

Is there stuff that you carry everyday that you would not leave the house without it? Let me know!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The 'feeling' of prepping.

There are just somethings you really cannot describe when it comes to doing what I do.

There is a certain 'feeling' when you vacumme seal a package of dried blueberries as a special flavoring for later.

There is a certain 'feeling' when there is a snow storm outside, and you really dont care because you have the extra food at home to make your own hot chocolate from dry chocolate mix, dry milk, and hot water, and not panicing like everyone else is.

There is a certain 'feeling' when you're laid up for a while, yet you have pre-made dinners in the freezer, cans of soup in the cupboard and buckets of dry stuff that just takes water to boil.

There is a 'feeling' when you grow your own food, preserve it and eat it yourself.

The 'feeling' you get when you enjoy that small treat that you get yourself every once in a while because you have done really well in prepping and splurged a bit on some candy.

There is a certain 'feeling' when your car breaks down, yet you do not panic because you can either fix it yourself or know someone who can fix it for you.

Personally, I call that a measure of 'freedom and relief'.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dehydrating More veggies.

Now that the issues with my paw... I mean hand are almost over, I have gone back to doing some more prepping. I went back to the project that I started 2 months ago, draining cans of veggies and dehydrating them. Did you know that 5 cans of 14.5 oz mixed veggies dried down can fill up a half of a mason jar? This is good to know if you live in an apartment. Also you can keep the water that was in the cans and save it for later for a "vegetable stock" in the freezer or just toss it out. I prefer saving it, but this time around I had to toss it because I have no room in my freezer. I found a good butcher near me and I have been stocking up on meat *DROOL*. Anyways, that is what I started now, and I just thought I would let you guys know about it. Right now I have about 4 mason jars full of veggies. Some I dried from cans, some I dried from frozen. I like doing it that way because it is cheap and it takes less to prep.

If any of you have any projects going on, please put them in the comments section, I would like to hear it.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Prepping lessons learned during problems.

Hi guys,

As you all know, I have been dealing with some problems with my hand getting cut, and having surgery to repair the problems. Here are some things that I have learned during all these troubles. I had originally posted this in a thread on Today's Survival Show forums under the thread named "accident happen". This kind of covers when I had the first initial cut and repair at the emergency room. Then when I had it examined a week and a half later and went through surgery to correct some nerve problems after it. And also covers the subsequent cast, and then splint.

1. Do not open a can with your bare hands. (I paid the stupid tax for that one!)

2. GPS comes in handy when you are in a panic. (The directions to the E.R. were very accurate!) And this is why I have practiced with it. I knew how to look up directions to places with it beforehand (Puns intended!)

3. When in doubt with something like this, go to the ER. Better to go there and have it be nothing, then do nothing and have it be something. For me I went there and it turns out it was the best decision.

4. GET A NEW CAN OPENER! -- RECTIFIED with a new safety can opener.

5. This was a HUGE reminder to build up my medical supplies. I did not have the basic stuff like gauze or skin safe tape. It is a huge hole that I did somewhat rectify.

6. It is not a good idea to have about 50% of your food supplies relying on one can opener. Even less of an idea if you can only use one hand.

7. Having premade or homemade frozen meals that only take a bit of warming up would help on the days that you can't or don't want to cook.

8. It is a good idea to practice having a bucket bath to keep yourself clean. It helps not only when you are rationing water, but also if you can't really submerge any injuries in water and dont feel like wrapping anything in plastic. I just filled up a bucket with hot water, used my good hand with a wash cloth, soap, and kept the other hand elevated to remind me not to put it in the bucket. I could wash myself really well. To do your hair just dip a bowl in the bucket and pour it over your head. I did all of this in the tub, sitting on a second up turned bucket for a seat. (those buckets are also used for laundry too!)

9. No man is an island. Sometimes you need help, especially if you are injured.

10. Take care of your tools! This includes any and ALL bodily appendages! You do not know what you have till its gone.

11. Press and Seal Reynolds Wrap works well when you have a cast and can't get it wet.

12. Keep track of medicine reactions and keep in contact with your doctor. I did not know that Ibeprophen gives me BAD heartburn. Not good. Not fun.

13. If they tell you not to get something wet, like a cast or a splint, it is for a good reason. I once got a few drops of water under my splint, talk about SMELLY! Also that could cause other problems.

And again to repeat what I have been saying this a lot lately "Sometimes you need to learn the hard way. I sure as hell did. All of this over a stupid can lid." So yeah, I had some and still have some holes to fill.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update: I have been home for a while.

Hi guys, Just an update. Had the surgery 2 weeks ago, cast and all. after 10 days I got the cast off and now I am working with a splint. It is a pain in the butt. Right now I am working with 1 and a half paws. Sooo.. not much going on with the prepping front since I cant lift much over 5 lbs. Supposed to have the splint on for a few weeks. What fun.

I did manage to get some canned meat though cheap.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Gone for 2 weeks.

Hey guys, just a quick note. I will be having surgery on my paw... I mean hand tomorrow, and will be gone for about 2 weeks. Wish me luck.


Saturday, February 04, 2012

Food Prepping and News.

Hey guys, I know it has been a long time again since I have posted anything on here. A lot of personal problems have been getting in the way, but I am still prepping. Mostly I am sticking to food right now. I keep watching videos on food storage as much as I can. But, for all the different food items that people stock, I notice that there is one food that is not talked about. Seafood. I know that it is not as popular as storing up chicken, beef, canned goods or veggies... But outside of the occasional mention of buying canned tuna, not much is talked about. Why is that? Too expensive?

Around by me I look for deals on seafood items when I can. So far I have stocked up on stuff like salmon (frozen, canned), Tilapia (frozen), Shrimp (frozen, canned), crab meat (canned), tuna of course, and kippers (canned). Most would say "how in the world can you prep those!?! Those are LUXURY foods!" Well, ALL of what you see listed that I have, I found on sale. Tilapia and Shrimp were the most expensive. I found bags of shrimp 2 for $5 a while back at Wal-mart (yeah I know...) But still it was cheap. And with Tilapia, I found a good deal at Whole Foods once, though it was still a bit expensive. I cant remember how much I paid for it though. That being said, most of the other items you can get for $3 and under if you keep your eyes peeled for deals. Just today I got 2 cans of kippers for $2 a piece at Big Lots. Not a bad price.

Why get all of this? Well for one, we need omega-3 fatty acids in our diet, and fish is a good way to get it along with brown rice and capsules. Second, it adds variety to my food storage. Third, I just like seafood. But I just find it funny that this category does not get much of a mention in the prepping circles.

Anyways, I have some news for you guys... It will probably be another month before I can post anything, due to the fact that I am going to have surgery on one of my paws... I mean hands. I cut one of my fingers pretty badly a few weeks ago, and though the cut healed, I need surgery to fix the nerve damage. I will try to knock out a few articles during my recovery time, but I can't promise anything. I will try to keep yall updated though. This is the type of stuff we prep for though. I might share some of my experiences with you!

Thanks for reading!