Saturday, August 24, 2013

Prepping Tools: RadioShack NOAA Weather Radio

I SO love my pack... I mean family. They gave me a really nice gift, a RadioShack NOAA weather radio! You see I don't watch much tv and I have not been on the internet for a while, so I don't get the weather news. I love it! It gives the weather forecast for upto the next week, and also alerts you to storm watches, warnings and amber alerts in your area. It is very customizable, were you can get general weather radio, or have it set up for your specific county. It can work off of DC power, or off batteries. The signal I get is pretty clear and you get up to 9 channels (I think) to choose from. It also has an alarm clock function. You can also buy extra attachments too, like an extended antenna, and vibrating warning for those who are hard of hearing or deep sleepers. (It wakes you up if there is storm warning in the night.) I have it set up in the middle of my apart... I mean cave where I can hear it from any room. This makes for a very useful gift.