Friday, April 16, 2010

Survival Media: After Armageddon

Hey, back again with another review! This time I am giving a review on The History Channels documentary 'After Armageddon'. The premise of the documentary is what more than likely will happen after a huge catastrophe, and in this case they used a global pandemic. Which in reality, I could see that happen some what. Disease spreads really fast and can move with speed, especially if someone is a carrier, and do not know it. So I could see this as plausible but slightly far fetched.

What they try to show is what would possibly happen with an "average" family, what should be done to protect a family during a crisis like this and what might happen afterwords. They talk about what would happen in the cities as far as food, water, and basic sanitation services, if those fail due to the crisis. They talk about other things like human migration from the large populaces. And what I like most of all is that it talks about the human behavioral aspect before, during and after too, from what I can see. Mind you I am just a beginner (as in no formal training) in learning this stuff, but so far this looks like a very good documentary as a layman's common sense perspective. Just to mention where I got it, I downloaded it from Itunes, just to add it to my collection.


dseelman said...

Absolutely a great production. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

I think they sugar coated it. It's as though they picked a family at Hiroshima that survived and told their story but ignored the fact that 80,000 people died. A real comprehensive dipiction of "after Armageddon" would show many many dead bodies, and many wandering gangs of thugs. What is gained by sugar coating it? If you survive the intial event it is less then a 50/50 chance you will survive the first month and probably 1 in 10 chance you will still be around in a year. It is likely that if you do live a year everyone you know will be dead. So which is better: Sugar coat it so you feel positive and make your best effort or tell the truth and what the hell if you die what difference does it make?? My opinion is Hit them with the truth.