Sunday, October 10, 2010

Survival Gear: Bag Balm

Hey guys, got another good multi-use item that I would recommend. Bag Balm! Originally used for irritated cow udders, this lanolin and petroleum based product is great for other uses. Not only does it work on cows, but it also works well on human skin too. It is excellent for dry chapped hands, stops skin irritation, helps speed minor wound care healing. Here is a USA Today Article that tells a little bit more on the history and uses of this stuff. I did not know that they used this stuff on the pads of the cadaver dogs at the World Trade Center Site.

Personally I used this on my own hands. It is a little greasy, but it really worked making my hands soft. I would suggest putting this on at night and letting it soak into your skin, it only takes a little bit to work. It is a good addition to the med cabinet.


John said...

I agree. It is good stuff. Good recommendation to keep on hand for small wounds.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading the report, too. It′s easy to understand that a journey like this is the biggest event in ones


Anonymous said...

My grandmothers ALWAYS had Bag Balm and so did my parents. I remember anytime someone got hurt we did not reach for neosporin like they do now, we reached for the bag balm. I still remember the weird smell.