Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Commentary: Sales Observations

Forgive me if this article kind of goes off the subject, but I have had a very long day. As part of my outing today, I did a bit of grocery shopping and I again made another observation.

Food prices.

I had always figured that Whole Foods was the more expensive grocery store, you know, the hippie taste organic foods (which personally, I have NO problems with!) Sometimes I shop there for good meat, packets of Emergen-C and pure principle because the company president spoke out against the health care bill last year. Well I again had the start of an inkling of the prices changes with the grocery stores around me just this past weekend. On Sundays I look at the sales ads of all the grocery stores in my area that I visit. I have been seeing the prices of my regular common chain grocery stores prices go nuts. Usually they are cheaper than Whole foods, but recently their prices are almost the same with the fresh foods. Then this week, I saw that Whole Foods apples were actually CHEAPER than my local stores! Sure they were different kinds of apples, but still... And these apples were ORGANIC! Usually with organics, you are paying more, but here it was cheaper! Right now it is to the point that it is worth it to shop at Whole Foods than at my local stores for fresh stuff, because the prices are almost the same now. If this continues, I will shop at Whole Foods if not for the quality as well as the sale prices. Have any of you noticed this?

P.S. I had a chance to taste some of the fresh stuff that they sell. I bought quite a bit on sale. Is it just me or does their fruits taste more flavorful?

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I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

Whole Foods and also your local Farmers' Markets as well as Food Coops will actually become cheaper because they sell food for what it actually costs. They do not get government subsidies and they arent sold by the HUGE Agra-business.

Many are local farmers and therefore their production costs, transportation costs, may go up a tad, but not like trucking and shipping food 1/2 way across the world.

I have always purchased my food this way and therefore much of the food inflation has not affected our budget.

I have figured this would happen, glad to see you have validated that :)