Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Out and About

Yesterday was the type of day that was made for enjoying the simplicity of riding a bicycle. It was warm, but not hot with a nice breeze. To me that is what prepping is about. Simplicity. I spent most of the afternoon on my bike and out enjoying the day.

Made a few rounds to some stores and a thrift shop. I like stopping there because of the different assortment of things ranging from clothes and book to cosmetics and kitchenware. I picked up a nice stoneware pampered chef bread loaf pan with the cookbook for $5! SCORE! There is also a little free 'food shelf' in the offices, which I picked up some boxes of tea and some day old bread. Then went to a dollar store and picked up 2 cans veggies and some spoons. After that I got a few Chinese egg rolls and a soda for lunch, which I ate sitting outside on the grass near my bike.

Meh, maybe I am just rambling a bit. Maybe this is not much about prepping... But it was a good day yesterday.

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She Chef said...

that does sound like a great day!