Friday, July 01, 2011


Hey guys, I found a few interesting resources, especially if you guys use a bicycle. Check these sites out

Bike Map: This site you can find good bike routes or post bike routes of your own and this site is used all over the world. Looking for a safe bike route in your home town or in another country? Then check this site out. It is good for pre-planning routes out of town.

Cyclopath: This site is kind of like MapQuest or MapBlast, but for bikes. You just input your location and the destination where you want to go, and it comes up with a directions safe for bicycles. The only downside to this is it only covers the Minnesota areas. However they do have an area on their Wiki on if you want to set up a Cyclopath website if you live in another state. The have the source code for it. Look for it in the FAQ of their wiki under the help section on their site.

Hope this helps you guys out there.

RW ^..^___)

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Thanks for the links!