Sunday, October 09, 2011

Long Time No Post... Sorry!

Hi guys! I am back, I had a bit of a busy summer and I have not written here in almost 2 months. I seriously apologize for that. I needed a little time off, though I am still prepping! Anyways, I have a little bit of a prepper story for you. This is just a small story though.

About the end of July, we had a pretty good rain storm going on. It was strong enough to make the lights flicker. So I decided to take that night and play "lets pretend". So what I did was turn off the electricity, and tried to handle everything the best I could if the electric went out for a short term. It gave me a good chance to work with my gear, practice my cooking skills on a Sterno stove, and work with alternative lighting. It was actually kind of fun, and gave me a few ideas on how to handle a power outage. One idea: Keep a flashlight in one area so that way I would not have to hunt all over for a light, and when done, return it to that spot for the next time I need it. That night I cooked noodles and spaghetti sauce over some sterno, swigged it all down with bottled water.

Somtimes playing "lets pretend" can be a pretty powerful tool.

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