Saturday, February 04, 2012

Food Prepping and News.

Hey guys, I know it has been a long time again since I have posted anything on here. A lot of personal problems have been getting in the way, but I am still prepping. Mostly I am sticking to food right now. I keep watching videos on food storage as much as I can. But, for all the different food items that people stock, I notice that there is one food that is not talked about. Seafood. I know that it is not as popular as storing up chicken, beef, canned goods or veggies... But outside of the occasional mention of buying canned tuna, not much is talked about. Why is that? Too expensive?

Around by me I look for deals on seafood items when I can. So far I have stocked up on stuff like salmon (frozen, canned), Tilapia (frozen), Shrimp (frozen, canned), crab meat (canned), tuna of course, and kippers (canned). Most would say "how in the world can you prep those!?! Those are LUXURY foods!" Well, ALL of what you see listed that I have, I found on sale. Tilapia and Shrimp were the most expensive. I found bags of shrimp 2 for $5 a while back at Wal-mart (yeah I know...) But still it was cheap. And with Tilapia, I found a good deal at Whole Foods once, though it was still a bit expensive. I cant remember how much I paid for it though. That being said, most of the other items you can get for $3 and under if you keep your eyes peeled for deals. Just today I got 2 cans of kippers for $2 a piece at Big Lots. Not a bad price.

Why get all of this? Well for one, we need omega-3 fatty acids in our diet, and fish is a good way to get it along with brown rice and capsules. Second, it adds variety to my food storage. Third, I just like seafood. But I just find it funny that this category does not get much of a mention in the prepping circles.

Anyways, I have some news for you guys... It will probably be another month before I can post anything, due to the fact that I am going to have surgery on one of my paws... I mean hands. I cut one of my fingers pretty badly a few weeks ago, and though the cut healed, I need surgery to fix the nerve damage. I will try to knock out a few articles during my recovery time, but I can't promise anything. I will try to keep yall updated though. This is the type of stuff we prep for though. I might share some of my experiences with you!

Thanks for reading!

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