Saturday, June 21, 2014

Laundry Update again!

Hi guys, I know it has a VERY LONG time since I have made another post. (I am very bad about these things, though My old laptop fried!) I am just putting up a little post today to show you that I have updated my laundry setup! I have had this for several years now and it works great and I am willing to share what I have done with you guys. As you may or may not remember from a previous article, I wash most of my clothes by hand. It saves me money. But, I did spend a little money to upgrade. I stopped using the plunger and dishpan and went to two buckets and a product called "The Breathing Mobile Washer" The orange bucket I bought at Home Depot for $3, the white bucket I got from a bakery for $1 and the Washer I bought at Emergency Essentials for $14.99 ($17 or so with shipping!) Let me tell you. The money I spent on the Washer was WORTH IT! Literally the first day It nearly paid for itself. My apartment laundry room costs about $1.75 to wash and $1.75 to dry. If you do three loads, it would cost you $10.50! Within a week it has paid for itself.

The Breathing Mobile Washer acts like a plunger, but has a grate underneath and a smaller cone on top to add extra pushing and sucking power, forcing water and soap through the cloth material. That is how the manufacturer claims this works. I know it does work on my clothes. Here is an action shot!

There is one little downside to this product though. Sometimes the head of it tends to come off, if you do not twist it back on. To prevent this, you can either get an "O" ring gasket from lowes. Or you can do like I do and when you plunge it up and down doing your laundry, twist the handle in a clockwise motion not only keeping the head on, but also adding a slight spin motion in the bucket. That is the only downside.

You can get this product from Emergency Essentials, very cheap and it pays for itself.

Washer Specs for you Techie people from Emergency Essentials website:

Weight: 1.36 lbs

Dimensions: approx. 29” long x approx. 8” base diameter I just thought I would share this with you! -- Ravenwolf

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