Friday, November 05, 2010

Reader ideas, suggestions for articles?

Hey guys, I am just kicking this out there. Is there anything that you guys would like me to write about, topics and such? I would like to know. I am an urban / apartment prepper so I think I am a little unique in that route. Also I am into learning new skills too. Maybe some more instructional articles on dehydrating or start canning?

If you guys have any ideas for articles on my blog, things that you would like to see me do, put them in the comments section. I would like to hear from you guys!


Ben said...

How to make prepping an addition to your life and not your entire life. Making your life simpler via doing things for your self, but not being so pre-occupied with it that you can enjoy life and share with others.

Anonymous said...

Here's a idea for a topic:

What 5 schools/training courses would you go to if you could get the time off, and someone else paid your way?

Homestead skills?
Front Sight?
Medical Corps?