Friday, November 19, 2010

Survival Gear: Squishy Bowls!

Just want to make a quick note, I got a new item in the mail! I recently purchased a set of Squishy Bowls (eighth item down if you click the link.) These are a set of silicone base bowls that you can fold down or squish flat for something like a pack as part of a kitchen kit. They seem really durable, are dishwasher safe and resistant to heat up to 400 degrees, though do not put them over a direct heat source. They come in a two pack. The one that I got squeezed in my hand is a 6oz cup, the other one is a 12oz bowl. I got a set of these for when I travel or hike.

The business I got this from is Canteen Shop for about $20. The company gets four paws up from me because of the speedy delivery, (I ordered them from the site on monday and got them on thursday!) AND they take PAYPAL!

BTW, Thank you for your ideas guys in the last article, I will take them under suggestion. If any of you have any more, let me know.


Ben said...

Excellent, I look forward to a review once you use them under heat, silicon cookware has gotten a little popular and I have seen these floating around. I love the idea of something like this, weighs almost nothing and can be shaped in your pack as anything including flat!

I like the price as well I've added this to my list to get!

Wolfen aka "Ravenwolf31" said...

Ben - I might be doing one better! I am going to test them in the freezing cold. I am just waiting for the temps to drop to subzero temps. That will be the kicker for me.

Brigid said...

I too am curious how they hold up under heat and extreme cold. But the idea is awesome!