Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Survival Gear: Squishy Bowls Product Test

Well, finally I did a test on those Squishy Bowls that I had purchased a while ago and they have held up to my expectations! I tested them both in the microwave, and in the freezing cold. First test that I did was I put them out in the snow for about 9 hours or so. The temp when I started the test was at about 12 degrees fahrenheit and by the time the test was done, the temp dropped to 5 degrees. They were still just as pliable, maybe slightly stiff but almost as squishy as when I first set them out and they did not crack when I squished them. This was freezing cold temps. I am a northerner so this really impressed me.

Then I tested the bowls in the microwave to boil water. Again, this really exceeded my expectations. Water came to a boil nicely, but one piece of advice, do not handle these when hot with your bare hands. The bowls are dark colored and absorb heat, so be careful when handling them. The bowls them selves did nicely, no warping of any sort. Also, these are not meant to cook with so do not put them over any kind of open heat source, these are silicone after all. It seems that they are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe (though I have yet to test that). So far this looks like it will be a valuable addition to my vehicle bag.

I know that this is expensive for $20, but I rather shell out the extra bucks for good quality gear. Again, four paws up!

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Norm aka John Smith said...

It is always worth a few extra bucks to have something that performs beyond expectations.