Thursday, January 20, 2011

Survival Gear: My Vehicle Kit

The beginnings of my vehicle kit. I am a little nervous in posting this. I had originally posted this over at Todays Survival Show Forums

Hyigene and First Aid

Three minor first aid kits for basic injuries, styptic pen, pain meds, soap (bar and liquid), hand sanitizer, tooth brush with toothpaste and *ahem* "extra lady stuff".

Food and Cooking

2 cans of soup, can of fruit, can of veggies, chocolate bars, small mess kit with plate, pan, pot, black cup, and a fork / spoon/ knife combo, Multi Spice kit, enamel cup, two cans of sterno, sterno folding stove, p-38 can opener, canteen, wineskin, plastic bags and potable aqua.

Heat and Light

Socks, light sticks, 5 bags of fire sticks, 2 lighters, 1 brick wetfire, blastmatch, box of matches, magnesium bar, emergency blanket, 2 candles, fatwood sticks, hand and foot wamers, drier lint.

Misc stuff:

2 pairs of gloves, duct tape, trash bags, sewing kit, bungee chords, rope, tri-folding shovel, tent stakes,pencils, compass, tissues.

Not shown:
Wool Blanket
Cloth Blanket
bottled water
shammy towel (for got to add it in the picture with my soap and stuff.)
toilet paper
Jumper cables
Mini survival kit with sabercut saw, whistle, signal mirror, wetfire tinder, second blast match
kitty litter *works like sand in snow.*
canvas bag that contains half of this stuff
second canvas bag for the rest
and most important, Myself!

I know that there are some other things that I should put in, like a flashlight, (I just realized that!) Notice that I put HUGE emphasis on heat. I live in Minnesota, and it gets BASTARD cold here, if you cant keep warm, then you are in trouble! The fire sticks and other stuff I have in case I have to leave my car, or if I will be there a while. Heck with this kit, I can camp for a while if I need to. My first 72 hr kit for my car. Mostly I intend to stay with my car though.

Most of this stuff I was able to get for under $10, and some I even got for a $1 or less, so building your own kit is not really that expensive. Just make sure that you make your personal kit relevant to you. I am a woman, so I added in some lady stuff. Plus how many other kits do you know have extra socks and boots? Sometimes that is a good thing to add in, especially if you live in very cold, or very damp places, the last thing you want is cold and / or wet feet. This is just somethings to think about when you make your own bag. I encourage you guys to do your research on this. However, this is my first bag, so it is a work in progress. I think so far so good.

Stuff to add:
Dry food
energy bars
beef up my first aid kits, I know it is a good start, but it is just a start.


Kim said...

BTW, that "lady stuff" can come in handy for a guy who might have a deep bloody gash that needs to be covered with something large...those pads come in handy for more than just what we women tend to need them for! Great job on your kit...I think I'll get mine out of the car this weekend and make sure I've got all that we've mentioned quite a bit that I'm not sure I have...yikes!

Joshkie said...

If you haven't read it, "98.6 Degrees the Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive" by Cody Lundin is a really good book.

His website is here:


SciFiChick said...

Nice kit Raven. I don't have a car kit but since I have all the things I need for one, I better get one put together!