Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sale Heads Up: Whole Foods!

Found a good sale at Whole Foods, Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade 32oz bottles 5 for $5. This sale is good till May 31st. Just thought I would let you guys know.

Oh, and even though I have had this up for a while, you guys can also sign up for The Howler on the right to notify you guys of updates to my blog, even though I try to update every week. Just thought I would let you guys know.


SciFiChick said...

Wow! That is an awesome deal. I wish I could take advantage of it but... :(

Will you be freezing any of it?

Wolfen aka "Ravenwolf31" said...

Sci, nope I cant. I have too small of a freezer, but it will go in the dry food storage and out of the light. Wish I had a bigger freezer though.