Friday, May 06, 2011

Sometimes a Sale is not a Sale.

Every sunday, I look through the ads to see what is on sale. Usually there are pretty good sales around where I live on the stuff that I need to get, or want to get. But sometimes a sale or a deal, is not a deal.

Case in point, Target right by me is selling boxes of Quaker Granola Bars for $2.50 a box, but 4 boxes, get one free. That was listed in their sales ad. Last night I went to another store called Menards, they are more like a Wal-mart, but with a lot more 'home depot' mixed in and more of a mid-western franchise. Anyways, I went there because they had some good sales on shampoo and ketsup. When I was in their grocery isles I spied the boxes of the same brand of granola bars that were in the Target ad, but here, they had them listed as REGULAR price of $1.92 a box! Nearly 60 cents cheaper! Right then and there, I snapped up a few boxes. It goes to show, that sometimes a sale is not a sale. I have learned to keep my eyes open for real deals, and last night taught me that lesson.

Just thought I would mention it to you all.

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