Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Prepping lessons learned during problems.

Hi guys,

As you all know, I have been dealing with some problems with my hand getting cut, and having surgery to repair the problems. Here are some things that I have learned during all these troubles. I had originally posted this in a thread on Today's Survival Show forums under the thread named "accident happen". This kind of covers when I had the first initial cut and repair at the emergency room. Then when I had it examined a week and a half later and went through surgery to correct some nerve problems after it. And also covers the subsequent cast, and then splint.

1. Do not open a can with your bare hands. (I paid the stupid tax for that one!)

2. GPS comes in handy when you are in a panic. (The directions to the E.R. were very accurate!) And this is why I have practiced with it. I knew how to look up directions to places with it beforehand (Puns intended!)

3. When in doubt with something like this, go to the ER. Better to go there and have it be nothing, then do nothing and have it be something. For me I went there and it turns out it was the best decision.

4. GET A NEW CAN OPENER! -- RECTIFIED with a new safety can opener.

5. This was a HUGE reminder to build up my medical supplies. I did not have the basic stuff like gauze or skin safe tape. It is a huge hole that I did somewhat rectify.

6. It is not a good idea to have about 50% of your food supplies relying on one can opener. Even less of an idea if you can only use one hand.

7. Having premade or homemade frozen meals that only take a bit of warming up would help on the days that you can't or don't want to cook.

8. It is a good idea to practice having a bucket bath to keep yourself clean. It helps not only when you are rationing water, but also if you can't really submerge any injuries in water and dont feel like wrapping anything in plastic. I just filled up a bucket with hot water, used my good hand with a wash cloth, soap, and kept the other hand elevated to remind me not to put it in the bucket. I could wash myself really well. To do your hair just dip a bowl in the bucket and pour it over your head. I did all of this in the tub, sitting on a second up turned bucket for a seat. (those buckets are also used for laundry too!)

9. No man is an island. Sometimes you need help, especially if you are injured.

10. Take care of your tools! This includes any and ALL bodily appendages! You do not know what you have till its gone.

11. Press and Seal Reynolds Wrap works well when you have a cast and can't get it wet.

12. Keep track of medicine reactions and keep in contact with your doctor. I did not know that Ibeprophen gives me BAD heartburn. Not good. Not fun.

13. If they tell you not to get something wet, like a cast or a splint, it is for a good reason. I once got a few drops of water under my splint, talk about SMELLY! Also that could cause other problems.

And again to repeat what I have been saying this a lot lately "Sometimes you need to learn the hard way. I sure as hell did. All of this over a stupid can lid." So yeah, I had some and still have some holes to fill.

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