Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some of my favorite prepping items that I use.

Hey guys, I just wanted to write a quick article on some of the prepping items that I absolutely love an I use them quite often, even almost daily!

The List:

Hiking Backpack: I picked it up cheap at a garage sale for $3, and I use it every time I go out. It is good for shopping, and carrying most items. If I am gone longer than 4 hours I will put a meal in there for when I am out and about and it can carry a ton.

4 Wheeled Cart: It is the one that I mentioned in my article Survival Gear: Carts! I use it for hauling groceries, garbage and laundry. Dead useful at the grocery store when you want your own cart and it folds down flat for storage.

Bread maker: ... for making... bread. Yeah I know I am a lazy ass, but I like my fresh bread. You can find them all the time at Goodwill for almost nothing.

Pocket Knife: I have a Leatherman Wave. The blades are demon sharp, and it works well for when I have needed it. I used it last week to cut a bread roll for my sandwich at lunch time.

Canteen with cup: Have used it numerous times when I wanted a drink when I am out doing stuff. Nice to carry on the side of my backpack.

Keychain Hand Sanitizer: I have a nice refillable one on my keychain.

Is there stuff that you carry everyday that you would not leave the house without it? Let me know!

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