Monday, December 07, 2009

Living life.

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, life has gotten a bit uncomfortable these days for a lot of people. The same is here too. I have dealt with living my life under some hard times. Not much money, not much of a life, basically living in a survival mode these last few years. But as I look at what I have been going through, my experiences have shaped me for what I do now. By choice and by force, I have learned to live with less, and learned to live off less.

Over time, I changed from thinking "this sucks" to "wow, life is better", even though I have less. I just needed to learn how to work around problems and be resourceful. I had to learn skills that I should have been taught a long time ago. Things on living, not just for a career, but for my life. How to take care of things, and how to get STUFF done. Basically how to take care of me. I have taken up the survivalist mind. NO! Not the type of the tin foil hat, the world is coming to an end sort. I am talking on things how to take care of me. How to take care of emergencies. How to make and save food the old fashioned way, just to save cash. How to make things, literally everything from scratch. How to change parts of my life when needed. Learn skills that many would consider outdated, but come in handy when the situation arises? Cooking, sewing, making stuff.

Maybe I could use this blog to teach what I learned or point to resources to help others?

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TheSurvivalMom said...

I love your idea of sharing what you've learned about living a frugal life. Even though I'm spending WAY less money, I still have a tendency toward impulsive purchases. Those sleds I got at COSTCO for the kids don't count, though. LOL