Friday, December 11, 2009

Survival: Making Life Easier By Starting Small.

The reason why I am doing the survival bit is to save me money and to live a bit more comfortably. When many think survival, they think that they need to have the most expensive items. Not so, really. It is all in the planning. Maybe the best way to start out is to start small. Try buying that extra can of soup or that extra pack of toilet paper when it is on sale. That is exactly what I did. (I try to buy canned food when it is cheap, my fresh fruits and veggies when it is on sale and in bulk when I need dry goods. I find that is the cheapest way to work around my food expenses.) Then set it aside from the rest of your food, using proper ways of storing it. Maybe keeping your eyes open for deals on the every day stuff that you use. Make a list of your most common used items and watch for sales on them. Work with cash instead of using that credit card. You dont need to make huge expensive purchases to make a difference. Just simple small things that can lead to big changes over time.

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Bob said...

Starting is the hardest part. A journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step. Just try to get 1 week of food stored. Then build from there.