Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Survival: How I started out.

Getting started in living this way seems like a huge undertaking. Let me tell you it does take time to get started, but once started it is easy to keep up with. Here is the basic way I began to change my thinking and started to prepare. Again, I am not the tin foil hat type most of the time, so I just started easy. I started asking basic questions. Here is a list to maybe get you started:

"What do I do if I get into a car accident, or if I get stranded? What do I do, or what do I need?"

"What do I do if I get sick and or I am (insert weather emergency here) in that I cant get to the grocery store?"

"What do I do if I get lost?"

Just basic questions like those that got me thinking. Try and think up more questions that would pertain to you and where you live, the things that are more than likely to happen to you or in your area. Then set a plan of action, maybe finding a way to store up some extra food, or have what we call a "Get Home Bag" in the car, maybe learn to use a map. Those questions where the exact same questions that I asked myself when I started out. Then I did my searching for good references that would help me out, some of which are on the left hand side under Survival Links.

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TheSurvivalMom said...

I've always thought like that, and most people just figured I was weird! Maybe I just like drama, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared for any number of emergencies.