Saturday, January 30, 2010

Survival Books: FREE E-book Its The End of the World as We Know it... and I feel Fine.

Just thought I would post this for you guys. M.D. Creekmore, the owner of The Survivalist Blog put out his own urban survival e-book for free called "Its The End of the World as We Know it... and I feel Fine." This book is a very basic, no frills sort of survival book. It covers a lot of topics like Food and Water perserving and storing, BOBs, basic medical information and protection. Overall it is a really good all around book.

What I like best is this book has a chart of how long dried food stores last in reasonable conditions and covers everything from fruit and veggies to powdered drinks and spices. He even has recommendations on gear and grain mills. Personally I added this to my growing information files on food storage. Best of all, it is FREE!

Download it from here if you want: M.D. Creekmore's Book

This is a re-post from Today's Survival forums here.

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