Monday, January 25, 2010

Survival Food: Adventures in Dehydrating, Apple Fruit Leather!


Got another article for you guys. Again, I am playing with my dehydrator. This time I am going to try and make a yummy inexpensive treat! Apple fruit leather. I got this idea from The Survival Mom. A while back she had an article on Simple Secrets of Food Dehydration and in that article she talks about making fruit leather with apple sauce. Since I am rotating out some old apple sauce, I might as well try this! I had gotten some Musselman's on sale a while back pretty cheap at around $4 for two 46oz jars (from what I remember). Always look out for a good deal on food. I really did forget that I had those stored away, almost going out an buying some had it not been for me rotating my can storage. Now I thought I would put them to good use. The recipe in it self is really easy.


My dehydrator comes with a solid flat round tray insert ring that you can add to a regular tray. Then just pour in the apple sauce and spread it around till the tray is covered and it is about 3/8ths of an inch thick. I used about half the bottle, which might be a bit too much, but we will see. As you can see I have already done that in the picture. Then I set the temp at about 135F and I will let it go for about 6 hours. I will post the results at the end of the drying time.

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